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Dental extractions are dentistry’s very last option to deal with dental diseases. As much as we do try to maintain and restore teeth back to health, sometimes, dental problems become too expansive to be manageable. Although still a viable option to eliminate disease, dental extraction constitutes a very small portions of what we practice in dentistry. As mentioned, it is also the last options available to eliminate pain, swelling, and persistent dental infection, and it is reserved for instances when there are no alternatives available.

Before Dental Extraction

At Dental Atelier, the process for dental extraction starts with a thorough analysis of the tooth and associated symptoms. All possible alternatives are considered and risk versus benefits of each option is discussed with patient. If risk of keeping the tooth outweighs extraction, options to replace the tooth after extraction is discussed. At Dental Atelier, Patients always have the right to choose desired treatment option. Our clinical staff and provider Dr. Shahrokh only make recommendations in assisting our patient making an informed decision about their treatment options.

Before the extraction is done, patients’ medical history is evaluated. Medical risk factors associated with local anesthesia and surgical process of extraction and post extraction complications are examined in detail. Often, our patients are recommended to lower dosage of certain drugs, prior to dental extraction to minimize the risk of post extraction complications. If there are any contraindication to dental extraction, medical evaluation and clearance is requested from treating physician, or in some cases, patient maybe referred to surgical center and hospitals for treatment. This is done to ensure the safety of our patients during and after dental extractions.

Blood pressure of every patient undergoing any surgical procedure, especially those patients currently being treated for hypertension, are taken in office and recorded. Excessively high blood pressure is a contraindication to dental extraction, and patient with uncontrolled high blood pressure are instructed to seek immediate medical treatment before undergoing dental extractions. If patient does not have a primary care, we can help them patients find immediate help in treating uncontrolled bold pressure.

Dental Extraction procedure

The procedure involving dental extractions are often quick and painless. Achieving full anesthesia of the selected area for extraction is of paramount importance to successful completion of the procedure. At dental atelier, we have at our disposal, a wide range of local anesthetics, with different levels of local anesthesia, to help our patients eliminate any sensation of pain in the area of extractions prior and during the procedure.

Post operative care

At the end of the procedure, patients are given post operative instruction that are specific to each patient and each case of dental extractions. But in general, all patients are refrained from smoking, drinking liquids using a straw, and spitting out saliva for the first 72 hours after the procedure. At dental Atelier, we also have an emergency after hour answering system, where patient can reach out to us about any issues relating recently completed procedure.