Dental treatment can be overwhelming and stressful. Only those who have experienced the pain and agony of dental issues understand the need for timely diagnosis and treatment of small problems before they become a major hassle. We believe that dental treatment does not have to be a stressful experience. In fact, it can be a fun, and rewarding. To enhance this experience, we have created a treatment atmosphere that is positive, and welcoming to all. Our Dental operatories face the beautiful mountain peaks of the western Las Vegas, creating a uniquely relaxing setting. We use modern tools such as Digital Radiography that use much less radiation than conventional X-ray systems. Our Intra-Oral cameras allow us to capture actual colored photo of the problematic area in the mouth, and display them on large screens in the exam, so our patients can view the problems directly and in real time. At Dental Atelier, we provide comprehensive dental evaluation for all patients that including a thorough examination of gums (periodontium), teeth, dental esthetics, the TMJ function, and an orthodontic analysis. By doing this we identify problems that must be treated urgently and point out any issues that may become problematic in the future. Our patients receive multiple options for any necessary treatment. They are fully involved in the decision-making process. After discussion of the risks versus benefits of each option, we proceed to the perform the most suitable treatment alternative.

Here at Dental Atelier, we believe that the optimal oral healthcare of our patient should be determined by patients and the providers, and we work diligently to deliver on that promise. Our principals are centered around the belief that we are here to help you reach optimal oral health. Our clinic is a no pressure, stress free, happy, and positive space where patients can ask as much questions as needed. We promise to patiently answer every question to assist them in reaching at best treatment decision. We value our patients for trusting us with their oral healthcare needs, and in return we promise to provide dental health care in a gentle, comfortable, and relaxing manner. We pride ourselves in having the state-of-the-art dental practice, strive on using cutting edge technology, the most clinically proven and tested material, methods, and techniques available in modern dentistry. And we have done this to deliver an exceptional level of care.

At Dental Atelier, our five-star service is always accessible to all and always affordable for everyone.

Dr. Shahrokh DMD

Clinical Director